How to Start a Logo Design Company

You have given your services to a logo design company for several years and have built a very strong portfolio. In fact, you have made it to the highest job position and have also got many awards in your field of work. So, now you are ready to start your very own logo design company. What next?

Understand Your Main Objective

It is important for you to be very specific. It is known that you have this strong desire of starting your very own logo design company but you must work towards making it exclusive. You need to understand the objective or the goal that you want to achieve and act accordingly. This involves getting an idea of the present situation. Finance should always be a major concern for you. You can depend on your earnings from the company you worked for but strictly avoid poaching clients. This will earn you nothing but bad reputation and also create a lot of tension. You must also carry out a good research on different schemes designed by the government for helping recent graduates establish their own business.

Decide on Operations

Try marketing your skills and talents to professionals and business owners, product developers, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. You will also have to decide on whether you will be leasing out an office space or will be working from home. It is always a good idea to operate from home especially when you are just starting out and you do not have sufficient capital for meeting the costs that go into leasing out an office space. Subsequently, as you start getting more clients and more orders, you can move to an office and even hire some more logo designers. Here again, you need to be careful of the location and make sure that it is easily accessible to the public. It is also necessary for you to get required equipment such as software, printer and computer.

Come Up with a Price List of the Services that You will be Offering

Coming up with a price list of the services that you will be offering is something that will involve studying your competitors closely and in details. first of all, you need to decide how you will be charging for your logo design services. Will you be charging your clients on project basis or on time basis? Remember, both these methods come with their very own advantages and disadvantages.

Get Positively Geared Up

When starting your very own logo design company, you need to be motivated and geared up in a positive way. Research the IT and office suppliers who will be best serving your requirements. Networking is one of the most important things that you need to work on in order to start up your business in the most successful manner. Start by getting in touch with digital media firms and agencies. However, this is something that you can do yourself as you have expertise in this field.


Starting a logo design company is a not a very difficult thing to do but bringing in sales and managing projects in really difficult. You must remain prepared for everything that comes your way.